by Jake Haw x Edd Bundy

Witness the collective minds of Jake and Cake years in the making, coming together to bring to you Notradumbass, if you love music n ting, you might very well be able to tolerate this.
Raving reviews include: “Pretty listenable”, “not as long as some albums”, “at least the artwork is acceptable” and “could have been worse”.

Featuring featurish features from other rappity rap people;
Samuel Tafari
Absoulut Karnage
Think 2wice
Jay Dev
and a few verses from cake of honour, Edd Bundy.

All cuts by super master dj cut scratch extraordinare Dystrakted.
Mix/Master from Jake “raw to the core, raw like resevoir” Haw.
All production from Edd Bundy (other than the Intro which features the next wave in musical diabolicism, daughter bundy, Keira Kool)

(Try to) Enjoy!
released February 17, 2022