Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw 10th Anniversary Edition (Remastered) by L*Roneous

10 years ago.. feels more like 20 years ago.. Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw was supposed to be my second solo record after IMAGINARIUM. i had thought of the concept and was fully prepared mentally to run with it but life happened. and i met Elusive and wrote/recorded the Dreamweavers project, then i did and EP for the homie’s clothing company (NC Clothing), then Purposely Powerful wrote itself into my life and put NOTRO on the back burner..

flash forward to 10 years ago, after a five year hiatus from music (i was focused on my work with the youth in education), i had planned to re-emerge with a nice long album to let folks know that not only was i back but i was very active and recommitted to rockin shit. couple of press clips said:

“L*Roneous da’ versifier returns with a splash of amazing every single verse”

“L*Roneous discography is an example of quintessential excellence in hip hop and beyond”

but before i continue, i NEED to shout out the extraordinary cast of musical characters on this production:

Gennessee, Dj Cue, Mikos Da Gawd, Hazel Rose, Julio G The Whooligan, Rick D, David Mattes, Essence, Don Lo, Cait La Dee, Russel Fong, Dj Bizkid, Fresh Chuck, Great Mutah,Def i, Dj TroubleMan, Dren Doh, Gigio, All Key, Spank Pops, Equal, Kumi Kaze Watanabe, Static Elastic, M.O.D., Dj Raw B, Flight 27, Cozmo, Subverse, Equipto, Scienz, Russel Fong, Wize Elementz, Jim The Cleaner

without their assistance the album would not have seen the light of day. In that case, it never would have debuted at #3 in the world on iTunes (back when the standard was albums sales instead of album streams), or garnered me the most press from any project i’ve been involved in, or set me aloft on world tour after world tour. This album was my master class on ‘rhyme and reason’ with both the pen and my mental (guess which two songs are all freestyle.. i’ll wait) and by far one of the absolute best works i’ve ever created. it’s been 10 years and it still sounds like me today. enjoy
released June 22, 2021