NOEL IS – They Watching Me (feat BAD FX)

Track 1 “They Watching Me (feat. BAD FX)” from the EP What You Are, The World Is… by NOEL IS

What You Are, The World Is… Seasons change and everyday things rearrange.The world is continuously on the run. Continuously on the move. They watching me, they are watching you? We all watch each other until enough is enough. What you are the world is.

Thank you for the support and shout out to all the ears out there listening.

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Video filmed and edited by David Henriques (D.8ch Video)


Verse One BAD FX

Butterflies in my stomach yo a catch em then I dash em.
Ain’t no time for nervousness yo we here for action.
Muthafuckas think I’m only chattin when I say I’m coming with a passion for lyrical satisfaction.
The time is now so let’s it.
Those who oppose look pathetic.
You should take notes if I said it.
Review your style then go edit.
Coz y’all could never match up to what we doing here.
Wordplay engineer with finesse and flare.
Breach your mind with rhymes make you look deeper inside.
Contemplate the way you living have you change up your life.
If it’s for the better then it’s all love.
I take a break from liquor sometimes as I break a small bud.
Still working out coz working out is working out for me.
When I’m with my peeps Ain’t no working out whose down for me.
My core circle still on hip hop nobody proud as me.
Middle finger to anyone out there that doubted me.
Bunin up the loudest green.


Do this cos we know how to do this properly
If I got the skill and talent then I guess it has to be
Do this cos we know how to do this properly
Even tho I know the muthafuckin world is watching me

Verse Two NOEL IS

Switching up the pattern when we drop it on this microphone device.
Lifting up the people’s vibration.
A nation under pressure but we keep it moving.
Life power in the movement, I know you recognise.
Word to the all, the all in the I, The all in the you, the all in the we.
Can’t neglect the energy we move with.
The force in the love, the force in the hate, danger if we switch paths.
For my people,s on the opposite side all in life travel well.
The pain slowly fades away.
I feel new brighter days.
Nuff ways to switch rotation of existence.
Working with eternal breaking down the judgement of self.
Learning to accept just living with what is.
Ski[p the surface like a stone across the river of life.
Fun in the sound, poetic styles.