NOEL IS – Enough Is Enough Track 3 “Enough Is Enough ” from the EP What You Are, The World Is… by NOEL IS What You Are, The World Is… Seasons change and everyday things rearrange.The world is continuously on the run. Continuously on the move. They watching me, they are watching you? We all watch each other until enough is enough. What you are the world is. Thank you for the support and shout out to all the ears out there listening. More NOEL IS here Video filmed and edited by David Henriques (D.8ch Video) Instagram: Produced by Figub Brazlevic Lyrics Verse One I grip the microphone yo’ once again I spit this for the peoples stuck in chains We need to heal the mental, physical and spiritual all peoples Enough is enough, time to rise up What the fuck will you do just to live free? Organise with the peoples with some strategies Learn teach with the young and the old I (dont’) give a fuck about what colour you are Just your motives Living together on this planet Earth everybody screaming freedom Do you know your worth? The pain of the others Black faces, all races, systematic operations about to collapse Do it on the own, fuck the hand outs Panther movements is never dead Word to Elbert, Bobby, Huey and the rest of the team Life goes on but standing right now what you gonna do? The all is mind the universe is mental. Verse Two Peoples on the move when the force is strong I hear the spirits and I see their smiles Soon to rest when the truth is known Agitated when the lies are told Best believe that the slave ships they still float, smaller boats Education is fucked Manipulation of the mind is strong Break the spell, fight back, self defence is a must Kill the abuse Behind closed door or out in the open How you living? when the world is fucked For the self or the others Breaking down the vision not enough For you to feel the need on purpose Look within the self to find the simple answers Nomore fucking about All peoples on the Earth about to slip No more tables to turn, only mental health Only dead flowers to give Think. Create. Live. Use your mind, tap the source What the fuck else just to get along? THINK. CREATE. LIVE.