No Borders Feat. Vacatixn & Tommy Evans by Ric Flo (+ Link to Instinctive Travels)

Connecting the dots worldwide with this universal language.

Producer from Argentina @BondiBondi
Featuring fresh and coming UK talent Vacatixn @vacatixndilemma
and Hip-Hop Legend Tommy Evans. @ommy-anvans

No Borders.

ay ay ay ay
Ric Flo, Vacatixn, Tommy Evans

we be
connected through this universal language

ha check

(Ric Flo)
Yo what’s gwannin, bbq sparking,
friends gather, talk and chatter
on this broadway market,
get your ciders and beers
and park your asses,
hear the music from the busking artist,
to compliment with the energy that i harness
from the Ag,
Pearly white double bass from this boy on street,
playing crazy, talented stand in amazement
combinating flavas to these vibrations
sun baking, now embrace it

Feel the freedom for weekend We raise it
with this application and never forcing
It’s Get no better when we freestyle
with this resources
Meeting people from all over
jamming with no borders

bricklane used to be my stomping ground
After party at the haggerston was the jazz too
bringing the flava like Steamdown

made friends with the homeless and most random
connecting through this universal language

We connect across borders
bring peace to disorder

with this time travel
regardless of the forecast

from east london
to your corner
We raise it up
x 2


Raise it up I’m tryna reach it so the peace
Is the only thing we carry in the streets
Well in hopes of staying married to the beats
As these lyrics transcend
The groove found the real in man’s friends
What’s the proof you need to lose for mans ends
Is it trouble with yourself
Is it peer pressure lowering your health
Is it fear from you showing all the wealth
You developed as a young buck
Knowledge held the power of your nunchucks
Now it only showers while the suns up
Ashamed to admit it
But we can be the change to re-heal it
But see we need the space to reveal it
These days are for living
It’s to short to make enemies
The course of your entity
You force to your your energy
the master of a lie
A feeling for disaster to survive
When crossing over borders
You given different orders
The Families of the kings now begin to be moaners
But from now the set calm
No hate shall remain as the weapon
From Tottenham to pecknam
These words came from Leyton
From Stratford to stretham
Occurred from the greatness of London to bless on
The rest of the Cities
Addressed cause I believe
More love shall be near we
Hands up if you with me
No borders I need to see my brown skin from bricky eventful
Now she got me taking her to her to central we don’t know borders

We connect across borders
bring peace to disorder

with this time travel
regardless of the forecast

from east london
to your corner
We raise it up
x 2

(Tommy Evans)

My life, my life is…
Jets to Malaysia; Mecca, Arabia /
With Foreign Beggars; Jehst, Scandinavia /
Rest up Metropolis, shelled Paris city /
Ski trips with Ms Cherry,
ate Swiss cheese /
Philly steaks,
just blazed Black Lillies’ stage /
Tunisia gazed at vast Milky Ways /
Globe traveller
In Gambia, my daughter /
Moved in the womb cruising Jordan’s waters /
24 hours: toured all of Europe /
Before Brexit: eclectic, no borders /
Portugeuse fam, Welsh and Somali /
Live and direct from Grove,
home to carni /
Ask AJ, post-Grenfell our pain great /
Community spirit: truly we lived it /
Djibouti I visit; Reunion’s districts /
Might move to Mauritius,
Port Louis I miss it!
released November 27, 2020