Nite Owl – Open House [Official Video]

Funny story – the dude on the bike (Baine) in this video was randomly riding by in Oakland CA when I was setting up to shoot a different music video with my videographer (R54). This song “Open House” was playing on our outdoor playback speaker as we got set up. As Baine road by he heard it and recognized it, much to my videographer’s surprise. After all, I’m an independent St. Louis artist, out in California shooting a video, not at all expecting someone to recognize me or my music. Baine was excited to hear that I was there and to meet me – so we quickly changed course and decided to shoot this video of Open House and put Baine in it. The Flock rolls deeper than I even realize these last few years. And now even more of the world is going to hear this song….

This song “Open House” has been placed on the television show
“All American” on the CW Network. The episode will air on Monday 12/13/21 at 8pm CST.

Open House is my top song for placements in youtube videos and now on television. It spread most widely when it was used by JUCA in Mexico for his youtube show. I am forever grateful that fans love this song and keep it alive and well after all of these years. Peace To The Flock!

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