Neak – Die Wurzel (2023)

U.S.A (Chicago)

Everything can be traced back to its roots. Sometimes, those roots are ignored, overlooked, unattended to, and uncared for. At the heart of American culture, the roots of African-American became nurtured through the historical beauty and ugliness of American society, and those cataclysmic experiences still resonate within our culture, mindset, and way of life. Die Wurzel explores black life post 1619 to the present day. It is designed to make you pause, think, and reflect on the black experience in America with a level of compassion and sensitivity that has made way for perceived cultural black norms deriving from African-American’s trials and tribulations. Jammed back with black musical roots: gospel, soul, jazz, funk, and rap, Die Wurzel is an intellectual, witty, and soul-driven musical journey that will hold a dear black in the heart of black urban society.
paru le 27 février 2023

Executive Producer: Rashid Hadee, Songs mixed/mastered: Rashid Hadee, Studio recordings:, Chicago IL. 60615

Artist Featured:

Cam Be – Home

Add-2 – God’s Vision

Elisa Latrice – God’s Vision


Peter Jericho – Black on Black Black on Blue

Philmore Greene – Far from Home

Nola Ade – Far from Home

Production Credits:

Die Wurzel: Neak (arrangements)

Home: Produced by Neak, Slot-A (co-producer/songwriter), Jeremy K. Jones (bass guitar)

God’s Vision: Produced by Rashid Hadee, Karlton Sellers (electric guitar)

Famous: Produced by Karlton Sellers (electric guitar, keys), Jeremy K. Jones (bass guitar)

Out of Habit: Produced by Neak, Caroline Davis (alto sax)

World’s Apart: Produced by Neak, Kenneth Leftridge (alto sax), Jeremy K. Jones (bass guitar)

Church Hurt; Produced by Neak

Thy Kingdom Come: Produced by Rashid Hadee, George Wundsam (electric guitar)

Profiling: Produced by Neak

Black on Black Black on Blue: Produced by Neak, Jeremy K. Jones (bass guitar)

Junkie: Produced by Neak, Kenneth Leftridge (alto sax)

Memoirs of a Lost Nigga: Produced by Rashid Hadee

Far from Home: Produced by Neak, Karlton Sellers (electric guitar)

Photography by Irv Vaz (Back Cover)
Neak Imprints LLC / Gold Standard Collective LLC