National Geographic Shit
by Moose Funk Squad

Moose Funk Squad have returned after a brief 5 year hiatus to present National Geographic Shit.

During their time away, the lads have kept busy. DJ Sugai became a crypto millionaire. Fourny P is now one of the world’s leading snake milkers. Mnsr Frites fled to Japan to evade a case. Jester Jacobs became Jizz J, a popular adult film star. And Archetype is now Nick Grimshaw’s personal dog walker. However, after hearing these laid back, switched up and pitched down Brazi beats, they connected once more to produce another chapter in their illustrious rap career.

Over 7 tracks, the Squad get listeners reacquainted with their irreverent and philosophical style, that has proved popular with fans from Dubai to Basingstoke.

Single 2One is out now, with an animated video by comedian Poppy Hillstead that brings their story up to speed.

Jizz J Down Under #4 drops this summer.
released December 10, 2021

All tracks written and performed by Moose Funk Squad
Produced by Luca Brazi
Cuts by DJ Sugai
Recorded by Strange Neighbour at Revorg Records and Mnsr Frites at Ikejiri Castles
Mixed and Mastered by Forest DLG at
Artwork by Sam Kratz

©℗ Broke Records 2021, BRS008