NasteeLuvzYou – Resurface (2022)

Instrumental Jazz Hip Hop (United Kingdom)

Brought about as the world turned and we got back to so called “normal”, NasteeLuvzYou returns with his sophomore instrumental album, “Resurface”, released exclusively on Millennium Jazz Music. A stunning array of intricately sliced soul pieces with Nastee’s signature hard hitting drums, this collection of instrumentals slaps from the first kick drum to the last cymbal crash. The instrumentation along with the vocal sample chops take the listener on a journey. This journey, being of a nocturnal nature, begins with “Sunset”, the start of night and concludes with “Sunrise”, the grand rising, indicating that we have survived the night and resurfaced for yet another day. The journey continues…
paru le 1 juillet 2022

MJM178 – NasteeLuvzYou – Resurface
All tracks produced, arranged, mixed, mastered and artwork by NasteeLuvzYou
Executive producer: M. Balgochain and D.J Lewis