Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway – Everything Fresh (Maxi)


Producer Amerigo Gazaway and Napoleon Da Legend flex their creative chemistry on a new collaborative project, “The World Changed”. Watch the teaser video, listen to the single “Everything Fresh” and stay tuned for the full album dropping Nov. 19th.

Watch the teaser video here:

Connecting on the outset of the Covid pandemic, the duo’s rapper-producer formula showcases NDL’s introspective lyricism while highlighting Gazaway’s growth and evolution as a beatsmith.

“Amerigo and I connected in a time of great turmoil and change both on a planetary scale but also on a personal scale in both our lives. His ear for highlighting the “soul” of a sample really gave me the space to dial into the many emotions I was sorting through during that period.” – Napoleon Da Legend

Working in tandem to keep the cohesion heard throughout the album’s 16 song tracklist, NDL finds his pocket on a range of emotions over versatile beats composed with Gazaway’s signature nuances, scratch hooks, and interview soundbites.

“This is an album about survival…it’s about navigating and adapting to an ever-changing world while struggling to maintain one’s sanity and peace of mind. Napoleon is a true… afficher plus
paru le 5 novembre 2021

Written & Performed by Napoleon Da Legend
Produced & Mixed by Amerigo Gazaway

Soul Mates 2021

Post-Production Mixing & Mastering by ThisIsART:

Album Artwork by Amerigo Gazaway: