My Corrhiza by SV Mycorrhiza are fungi that have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. They are the intertwining veins that help plants and trees communicate with each other. As humans, we are the same, connected as one, even if we don’t understand fully how. With communication, humans can achieve so much. Hence the name of this album, My Corrhiza. As a producer, you can only take your music so far without the energy, talent, skills, and determination of other like minded souls. Artwork: When my grandma passed years ago my Mom, Aunt, and Cousin asked me if I wanted this painting she had. Growing up seeing this on the wall, I always loved it, and was pumped that I’d get it. Come to find out, it was an original painting, by her brother, my great Uncle Frank Barbera, whom passed before I was born. I knew one day it needed to be on an album cover. Thank you to all who helped me complete this album and to everyone who may listen! credits released January 14, 2023 Vocals Ariana Celaeno: 1 Antonia Marquee: 2,6,7,9 Alyssa Jane: 3,4,5,8,10,12 Raps Jia Davis: 2 Capo: 4,6,11 Motionplus: 5 Gage: 6,8,11 Sax – Kevon Scott, 12 Tree Artwork/Painting by my late Great Uncle Frank Barbera Produced by SV Jim’s Pool Room