Music For the Society of Ambiance Makers and Elegant People by Mikey Mo the MC

This album is being released on the 25th anniversary of my fathers death. Also its my 10th album. I like to make whole projects with a single producer. To me its more authentic that way. Recently I found out that I have some Congolese in my lineage. That and the beats my friend Rob Rockly gave me inspired this album.
This album is one of the flyest projects you will hear for the next 5 years. Everyone featured on here are my friends or family. Alot of love, positive energy, and bars on this one. Enjoy.
releases August 19, 2021

Produced by Rob Rockly (Slanguage Buriers)
Features: Big Theo, XienHow, Eyeslow the Don, Sham Blak, Abyss
Moodswingz Muzik