Move Right Through Me by Anushka

Move Right Through Me” is the latest single from Anushka, with the original – taken from the band’s highly-anticipated Tru Thoughts debut album ‘Yemaya’ – being paired with a remix from Tokyo-based Masato Komatsu & Ryo Kawahara AKA Slowly.

A song of reflection and trust in what God and the universe has in store for you, “Move Right Through Me” was written by Victoria Port (singer/songwriter) years ago on the piano at her mum’s house after leaving Brighton, “I had needed to leave but it had been hard”, she adds. Port underlines that as human beings our greatest strength is the love we have. However, deep in the yearning of the vocals is the juxtaposition that this strength – the love and need we have for one another – is also what makes us weak and vulnerable when nothing is final and fate is out of our control.

Slotting in around Port’s piano and vocals, Max Wheeler (producer) leans on a groove reminiscent of 00s Hip Hop beats. A throwback to his days of starting out working with MPCs, the gentle push and pull of Wheeler’s production offers a supportive cocoon to Port’s vulnerable and raw vocals.

Choosing to remix “Move Right Through Me” as a standout track from ‘Yemaya’, Slowly rework the original throwing the sound back… more
released August 10, 2021