Monsoon by P.Sways The Second Release after “Asylum” P.Sways Brings you “Monsoon” Off the Upcoming Ep. Inversion Tactics. lyrics Guerrero threw the Fastball / Straight from Seattle / We’re light years past ya’ll / Like an ant on a bullet / Ejecting from the barrel / Pussies scared to pull it / Butter nife’s to the battle / Fucking rappers are bullshit / All I hear is babble / Crabs in a barrel / No I don’t want a feature / Don’t give a fuck who you know / Not a follower I’m a leader / Throw tracks out / Like Montana pushing snow / Yo Don’t pass out / When it’s 40 below / Watch me blackout / Like Lector Hannibal / You can’t back out / Once you awaken the animal / Get Slapped out / By the raging bull / The venue gets packed out / Once I enter the room / Fuck chasing clout / I bring terror and doom / Most rappers are cartoon’s / Surrounded by goons / Till they get harpooned / By a rap tycoon / In a Monsoon / Firing missiles / From July to June / It’s quite pitiful / You thought you could match the visuals / I’m on Ayahuasca / Getting Spiritual / Talking to the Earth Mother / Out of the physical / She said the Worlds in trouble / So what you gonna do? / You better get there on the double / Use Verbal Kung Fu / You speak truth / On another level / High above these devils / Sharp rhymes you got several / Cause musics powerful / It speaks to the soul / Divinely Primal / Supremely Lyrical / They use Inversion Tactics / To trick the kids / To combat this / Rotate the axis / 332 hertz / Healing from hurt / Most wont grasp this / So stay alert / So you can catch this / Deep Meditation / It takes practice / Block all sensations / And worldly distractions / Turn off the tell lie vision / The news just a fraction / Got ya brain lapsing / Now its time for action / You’ll die from depression / So study the lessons / And count your blessings / Truth will answer your questions / Strive to be peaceful / In war use violence / Strike without conscience / Return them to the essence / Deliver evil / From our presence / credits released June 22, 2022 All lyrics written and performed by P.Sways. Produced and mixed by Sol Guerrero