Millennium Jazz Music – Full English: OTR Vol. 4 (2022)

Beatmaking & Instrumentales (United Kingdom)

On The Radar is our production series where MJM showcases entire albums focused on features from producers that reside or represent a certain country. For this session we’ve reached out to some homegrown English talent that have been on our radar for some time. As this isn’t covering the whole UK, we reserve the option to feature Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland later on. For now, we are happy to present ‘Full English – On The Radar Vol.4’.

paru le 9 septembre 2022

OTR#1 – Project Canada:
OTR#2 – Made In Germany:
OTR#3 – Pardon My French:
OTR#4 – Full English:
OTR#5 – Greece is in the making…

MJM176: Full English – On The Radar pt.4
Managed, compiled and mastered by Gadget
Artwork by James Greenway for Design Greenway (
Executive producers: D.J Lewis