Mighty Theodore – Set Out In The Dark (2022) U.S.A The album was inspired by ‘The Warriors’ movie and the street gangs of NYC in the 70’s and early 80’s, when hip hop culture was born. The idea that hip hop made something out of nothing has always been amazing to me. The verses speak on the streets, poverty, crime and defeat, but the hooks bring hope and beauty. crédits paraît le 30 novembre 2022 Produced By Mighty Theodore Mixed By Mighty Theodore & Derek Euston Mastered By Joe Hutchinson For Garage Masters The guests are J Scienide, Fly Anakin, Has-Lo aka Anwar HighSign, Tesla’s Ghost, Brainorchestra, YL, SonnyJim, Cavalier, Sean Born and Hassaan Mackey. Comic book artist Jasper Jubenvill did the artwork for the front and rear cover Shell art layout by Chef Mike Cover layout by Alpha Centori Manufactured And Distributed By Icy Palms Records