MidaZ The BEAST – Beanies (Single)

U.S.A (Orlando)

Beanie weather is upon us…or is it that MidaZ the BEAST is just that cold? Teaming once again with producer Delle Digga, the duo behind 2020’s acclaimed ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ returns with “Beanies.” Over a mesmerizing loop, MidaZ demonstrates just why he’s established himself as a threat with the pen. While the full followup to ‘Sidewalk’ is still in the works, “Beanies” is the perfect winter soundtrack.

Produced by Delle Digga ( IG @delle.digga)
Video by YoYo (IG @yoyo.lopez)
Mix/Master by Juanma (IG @juanmanuelcola)
Art by Phels (IG @my_good_phelo)