Master The Session
by DJ C.S.P.


‘Master The Session’ is a memorial to my dear Papa Bear.

In the saddest phase of my life, the escape into music and the production of this album gave me strength and new courage to face life. To compensate the loss and my grief by making music has given me the feeling to be close to my dad.
Besides his bassy voice and his lovely words, even some of his instruments found their way onto this record. I am very proud of that.

My dad has always believed in me and supported my musical path.
For this reason, it is very important to me to honor his life and memory with this record. ‘Master The Session’ is the result of a very emotional journey. lt combines my sadness, anger, pain and tears, my helplessness, memories and joy, my faith, hope and most of all my love.

Papa, can you hear me?

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your endless love, your support, your knowledge and all the things you taught me (even now), your trust, your faith, your kindness, your way of seeing things positively, your inspiration, your versatile musicality, your multicultural education, the confidence you gave me, your empathy, our friendship and the beautiful time we spent together.

Your voice, your laughter and your extremely generous and kind personality will be lovingly remembered until we meet again.

I miss you and wish you were still with me.
This record is for you!

Your son Rodian
released October 15, 2021


All music produced, arranged and mixed by DJ C.S.P.
All cutz and scratches by DJ C.S.P.
Bass by Arne Horstmann and Sebastian von Hennigs
Vocals by Almighty Warpath and NaJaCa Soul

Mastering by Stephan ‘STI’ Buchenauer
All cover drawings by Florian Kretschmer
All tags by Kevin ‘MAR 0NE’ Bausch
Layout and graphics by Dennis ‘Largo’ Schulz

Love, endless support and my everything around me by Katarzyna ‘Kathi’ Lokocz

My very special thanks to all artists and supporters who helped me to realize this record. I am grateful and happy for each and every one of you and your dedication to this very special album.

Much Love and respect, DJ C.S.P.