Mario Zwinkle – Livin’ It Up ft. Nova Ruth (Official Music Video)

Mario Zwinkle – Livin’ It Up ft. Nova Ruth

Livin’ It Up is a track as part of Soul Plane the Album, collaborating with then siren Nova Ruth. The song is a story about the reflections of the artist in dealing with life even when the hard times comes. The message was shown in various of affirmations sentences that invites his listeners to be sure of the process of the natures work and seeing the light in any situations. In conclusion, the song was about “Happiness is a state of mind as long as you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” so lets Livin’ It Up y’all !

Recorded at Hellhouse Studio
Written by Mario Zwinkle & Nova Ruth
Produced by Lacosmusixx
Mixed & Mastered by Lacosmusixx

Video directed and edited by
Director of Photography by Emesapril
Crew – Hendrik Irwanto & Fahmi Juan

Supported by Volcom Indonesia

Big Shoutouts to:
Hellhouse Family
Arkakinari Crew
Loco by Nature Family
and all those homies that can’t be mentioned cuz there is just one too many, y’all know who you are. Much loves!!