Marcando Territorio by KETA TCW C.KLEY

Album released in 2012, with C.Kley that would close the cycle of TCW. In this work only he and I sing, there is a collaboration with the whole group, but after so long, we deserved to have a work together.

Life is changing and it was difficult for us to square to record and continue with the project, we were also taking different directions, so Kley and I focused on making a work that we always wanted to do, a work together, we could have called it “The WorldKingCup” because it was the title we wanted to give him as children. But after several works with the group we followed the line of the tcw and closed a cycle that had given a lot of if.

All the instrumentals are by Kley and the master was made in the Record Hideout by his hand too, we were getting to know plugins like IZOTOPE and the truth is that here we already got much more acceptable sounds, I feel proud of this album.

Cover of Econer de la Guarida 131.