MANIFESTATIONS A’WAY WITH WORDS by HencH Tha Beat Sorcerer We all have been manifesting our realities consciously and subconsciously since the dawn of time. After having a health issues (encephalitis) a brain lesion 10years ago i have practised this art more and more and lyrically i have always had A WAY WITH WORDS/LYRICS. Through my words that curve like the spirals of a helix i travelled to different spaces in my imagination. So, with this work of art i have combined both aspects for you to experience and ENJOY!!! credits releases December 12, 2022 PRODUCTION @PRESTIGIOUS RECORDINGS/BBR, TRACKS 123467, @JAVA P TRACK 5 VERSES FROM @RAY VENDETTA, @HMZV1, @FLOWTECS & @JAYDAR ARTWORK AND POEM AT THE OF TRACK 5 BY @LAYDBUNZ MASTERING BY @SOULBROTHERJUICE