Maniac Lok & Cool Nutz “First 48” Official Music Video U.S.A “The First 48” is the second single released from the debut album from Maniac Lok & Cool Nutz “Red & Meth”. “The First 48” finds Maniac Lok & Cool Nutz commentating on the taboo subject of “snitchin”, “tellin”, “talkin”, “rattin”, and “informing”, as well as the pitfalls of the Urban Lifestyle that has become the downfall of so many people from Urban environments, both young and old. “The First 48” captures Maniac Lok & Cool Nutz continuing to elevate the bar for Portland, Oregon’s constantly bubbling Hip-Hop scene. “The First 48” features Maniac Lok & Cool Nutz on a smooth, yet menacing audio landscape produced by Central California’s Ananymoso, who is responsible for the bulk of the production duties on “Red & Meth”