M​.​F. Gorgeous Single (A Side)
by Speak the Rebel

Produced By: Vherabl

Mixed & Mastered By: Jay Lane

Recorded At: Suburban Nightmare Records
:56 everytime you masterbate
god executes a kitten….

shameless whiteboys
cocaine kitchens

Rosary revelries
commisares prisons
teenage wastelands
the drop outs decisions

stove heat
free lunch line
a system
designed for me to fail
the nail is self given

on that bail lawyers guns
thats a trinity of must
strut that gold fang tusk
drakkar noir musk

yall junkie rap definite sus
Adults is speaking now
this is fingers up hush

the freaks is freaking now
let us all fuck
uncle straight dust
yall be buried past dusk

on some other shit
dennys what the fuck is up?
white trash bottle kids with the fat blunts

used to have to duck
on the peter pan bus
rude boy fuck face
with the snakes and the sluts
wigga what?

fuck stayin humble to the sound of the kick
I speak in love languages
like suck my dick

with a hip boom bip
armor on the camels
diamonds on the handles
luther vandross of the banjos

Got a mantel full of mammels
that are witness of the ammo
I am not your fuckin dude
fuck you and your fammo

Bozo hoes
loser fuckin stan show
abercrombie fischer price
thongs up in they sandals

im truely embarassed to tell the
world that I rap
because you afterbrith
fuckin goofs is whack

I came up in a time it was cool to run trap
now these cats got an only fans
and they sell the wrong crack

Arab Linx
Jihad Bars for retards
sars frion pause
find you with the bee-nards

Gods pee on broads
fuck it bring the he haw
and tell me who the fuck
we gotta stuff behind the rebar
released November 9, 2021