Lyle Omolayo – Dry Season : Dessert (2023)

Amérique Latine, Panama

This project was written while living in Panama and concludes the other half of Dry Season. The Dessert album contrary to Desert is about abundance, not scarcity. I got assists from my brother in Negros Americanos, Bixop, Krosz, Baxter Wordsworth, Jenny Wren and The Outsidaz Pacewon. Enjoy the ride.

L. Omo
paru le 21 février 2023

Written by Lyle Omolayo

1. Desert or Dessert feat. Bixop and Krosz produced by Loot Fatig
2. Just Like Locusts feat. Bixop produced by buck dudley
3. Dinner 4 One feat. Bixop produced by Dela
4. WIWD4 E. Badu feat. Bixop produced by Self Francis
5. Nerd Girl feat. Baxter Wordsworth produced by Ted Kamal
6. I Think It Moved feat. Pacewon produced by Ted Kamal
7. Buscando Pt 2. feat. Jenny Wren produced by Shin Ski
8. I Wanted U Down produced by Shin Ski
9. Just Another Day produced by BPads
10. The Pariah produced by Smith