Love Somebody by The Allergies

Hold onto your hats! The Allergies are back in the building. Yes, the Bristol beatmakers have got an absolute one-two punch with this new 7” single, as both sides are fire-in-the-hole, future classics in the making, ready to soothe your soul and ignite the party.

Leading the way is the vintage funk and beefed-up breaks bomb, ‘Love Somebody’. A mix of crazy up-tempo grooves and loops, snatches of reworked soul samples, deft scratching, and dancefloor energy up the wazoo.

It’s that unique Allergies signature sound, with a whole new splash of club-rocking polish smothered on top. Oh, my…

A highlight of their forthcoming album, Promised Land, and absolutely stuffed to the rafters with the type of hype and sunshine vibes that typifies their latest long player.

And holding its own on the B-side of this release is the title track from that feverishly anticipated full length album, ‘Promised Land’.

This beaty, meaty, Moby meets Fatboy Slim-style anthem, will have your loins stirred, and feet tapping with its next-level sampling skills, and hugs-all-around, end-of-a-festival wonderment.

It’s a straight building groover. With rousing, almost gospel vocals. And will mean all things to all people. You can read it as a guide to salvation. A story of the joy of a better tomorrow. Or a tale of how we can find peace and hope after the darkness.

It’s a little slice of sanctuary for everyone who’s been through it this year, and needs a soundtrack to touch their tender soul, and lift their spirits again.

Both tracks, 100% built from parts of dusty, once loved records, combine in an elegance rarely seen on wax these days. And serve up two slices of super positive funky feel-good, for party people of all ages.

It’s for those that need it right now. It’s a new dawn, a new day. Let’s go!
releases September 3, 2021