Loud Pack by Piff Penny, Cage, Daz Jones

Philidelphia’s “Daz Jones” scores again! “Loud Pack” features two serious emcees, “Cage” and “Piff Penny”. The horns “Daz Jones” tracked on this, just wow! This track was executed perfectly using scratching and sounds of thunder as an added bonus. “Daz Jones” one half of “Durdy Sope” is on a well-deserved run and is networking with the best!

“Cage” aka “King Cage Targaryen” south Bronx native voice is distinctive, and bars are top notch. “Piff Penny” has been on a crazy run this year. Hailing out of Durham, North Carolina, this guy doesn’t miss. “Loud Pack” will be available for purchase on “Bandcamp” and all other DSPs on March 14th, 2021. The trio recently were featured on the hit song “Better Run”, by: “Scotty Beamin” with production by Project Porter.