Lost In Translation by Ozer

L.I.T is the world not understanding self, or is it self not conveying true self? The growth of thought and disparity takes form through the challenges we face, despite what others might perceive your thoughts you still get lost in translation and it’s frustrating and maybe one day you’ll be content with yourself.
released July 30, 2021

Produced by Adeyemi, Cheap Limousine and Afterthought, Easweh, Elliot Bohr and Dirac, Donato Beats Mosbeats, Noah Noski and Evan Reepen, Noden (Mixtape Soul), and Yondo

Live Instruments by Elliot Bohr (Guitar), Lily Stern (Bass), KJ Focus (Sax), Gabriel Schillinger-Hyman (Keys)

Mixed by Adeyemi, Ari Sandoval, DJ Pause, Highlifeflo and Tycoonin
Mastered by Adeyemi and Highlifeflo