Los Chikos del Maíz is a political rap group formed by MC’s Nega and Toni el Sucio, along with DJ Plan B. The group’s lyrics address issues such as the monarchy, social criticism, the employment situation or the hip scene. Hop in Spain. The group is characterized by having acid lyrics, in which sarcasm is intertwined with literary, cinematographic, political and popular culture references. Its members have declared themselves Marxists and anti-fascists, both through their songs and in different interviews. His songs have attracted the attention of both young people who identify with left-wing ideologies and young people who do not, due to their acidity and the use of black humor.

The name of the group comes from one of the stories entitled Children of the Corn that is part of the compilation book of short stories Night Shift written in 1977 by Stephen King, from which a series of horror films started in 1984 with “Children of the Corn”.