Lex (de Kalhex) – Rogue Hill (2022)

Instrumental Jazz Hip Hop (Europe, France)

” I’ve started to work on this album before I knew it.
During June 2018 I was in Japan for a month to release my previous album « Cairn » as well as my first solo exhibition of drawings in Tokyo.

Everyday on my way to the gallery I passed in front of the same building, its name kept haunting me.

Back then I was digging for cheap 80’s Japanese CD’s in second hand stores. Most of them set the tone of this album and the direction I wanted to follow. I feel there’s a direct connection between these original sources and the sound I pursue by their meditative aspect.

Most of the demo songs were done before my daughter’s birth on August 2019 and were finalized since then.
Many of the titles refer to this main event and relate to how it changed my position in life : being a link through time by becoming a father. ”
paru le 28 janvier 2022

All tracks Produced & Arranged by — Lex (de Kalhex)
Except “Rising Sun [ii]” Co-produced by — Linn Mori

Mixed by — Parental at Akromégalie Studio, Paris (France)
Mastering by — Ryota Noguchi at Riverside Studio, Kimitsu (Japan)

Photography & Artwork by — Alex Besikian | alexbesikian.com

A&R by — Mido for menace | labelmenace.com

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