Letter To The Universe
by Wyse Ra

2021 was a rough year for me. I was in a dark space as a father, human, educator, artist. It was a year of revelation and revitalization for me. Through the heartache, pain, and at times emptiness I found inspiration, support, and healing through family, friends and talent. This project “A Letter To The Universe” is about me as a father, human, educator, and artist. How I’m shaped by my space, community, and environment. Also at the current rate of consumption our species and other species face grave circumstances in the coming future if we don’t change our behavior and mindset about space, community, and environment. Our interdependence on the environment is important for us to understand because we live in an environment that allows us to thrive. Our communities are shaped by how we respond and react to our environment. Space weather cosmically or terrestrially is necessary for our sustainability. Sun, Moon, and other orbital wonders are constantly affecting the earth. This mix-tape is a story of our connection to the tangible and intangible. I hope you enjoy it.
Sincerely, Wyse

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released July 17, 2022