by Chachi Carvalho & Vertygo

Just Listen.

This album couldn’t have dropped at a better time. No strategic promo push, no spectacle, no funding, no major label, no marketing team, no bots, just a trusted process, and a belief that you people may connect with this music as a listener in a similar way that we connected with ourselves as the creators.

It incapsulates us, two life-long friends who have been creating music together for over 20 years, but have not seemed to collaborate on a full project up until now. We have been business partners since 2006 when we opened the doors to Beatbox Studio and finally, we have merged creatively as emcee and producer to bring to you “Legacy”. We pieced this thing together during these extremely challenging times. The last couple of years, while we have been surviving a global pandemic, we found safety within the walls of our recording studio and discovered comfort in sharing our struggles and insecurities.

To say that creating this album has been an emotional experience is an understatement. It was our outlet to continue to thrive as men who have spent decades attempting to create something from nothing and become somebody from nowhere. We are artists. During possibly the craziest time in our lives, we found a way to thrive. Can you… more
released June 20, 2022

All Songs Written and Performed by: Charles “Chachi” Carvalho
All Songs Produced by: Edgar “Vertygo” Cruz
Appearances by: Jon Hope, Joe Bruce, Shawn Jackson, Brooxana, Manny Escobar, Carlos “Diamantino” Carvalho, Sultra Divine, Gregory “Ras G” Rourke, Seth Xavier, Samuel Cruz
Album Art Design by: We Own The Masters
Front Cover Photo by: Rafael Medina
Back Cover Photo by: Doug Cuddeback
Album recorded, mixed, and mastered at Beatbox Studio in Pawtucket, RI