Leave it to the pros​.​.​.
by Jacky T

A collection of instrumental beats I made the last year with a variety of MCs, singers, wordsmiths later thrown into the mix.
Pretty much all the different ‘genres’ of hip hop I like (and some I dont).
Jacky T
released April 2, 2022

Vocal credits:
On and In(tro) – Sara Bellum
Ciggie gut pain – Andres Franco x Miss Muffin
Welcome – Urban Unity
Holed up – NJ
That type of stereotype – Dinn x Jean Grae
Generic drill track – Grafezzy x KMRS
Skyrocket – Mikamik
Sleepwalking – OPAG x CiOnDaddy
The Rock – Maya Angelou

Artwork: Skare Media (Chris Staring)

Production: This guy
Mixing: Me too
Mastering: Well, I tried