Lead by Example ft Recognize Ali, Skyzoo & Juxx Diamondz (cuts by DJ Jazz T) by Ramson Badbonez

More new heat by London producer Ramson Badbonez.

“Lead by Example” is the title track from his new album out on August 27th through New Dawn Records, and the second single taken from it following last month’s “Stay True” ft Reks, Ruste Juxx and Blacastan”.

His debut behind the boards, the beatmaker has assembled a stellar line up of hip hop heavyweights from the US, UK and Canada as the guest featured artists, the latest joint laying down another early marker of the levels.

Driven by a soundtrack fuelled with soulful horns and smoky breaks, Ghana’s finest Recognize Ali jumps in the ring like his namesake to “fly like a butterfly and spit some heavy punches” with Brooklyn’s acclaimed lyrical marksmen Skyzoo and Juxx Diamondz, all taking it in turns to deliver a salvo of relentless rhymes that drop a bag full of jewels on the unsuspecting. The beat gets bodied as masters of their craft dispatch verses with precision engineering while the UK’s turntablist DJ Jazz T provides the scratch sorcery.

A premium cut for the connoisseur.
Verse 1 Recognize Ali

Whether it’s written or off the dome
I’m spittin’ some heavy punches now they shatter your bones
Eradicate your clones when you step up on my zone
I’m a different type of animal on the microphone let it be known
Be wary of the plague that I bring
It’s Recognize Ali the underground king
Undisputed in the ring, the pound for pound king
Fly like a butterfly like a bee I sting, I am sick
Boy every single line is a medicine
Not a copy cat I invent like Thomas Edison
Bow to this regiment
Bitch I’m in my element
Greenfield you know it’s takeover when they let us in
All actual facts, fuck bragging
Spit fire nigga you don’t wanna test a dragon
You do stay cappin’
Me I stay clappin’, I ain’t never been bestest son
Since I started rappin’ rack

Verse 2 Skyzoo

The beat tailor made me like a Prom Tux
Horns everywhere like Wayne Shorter on tour with us
I kick a verse for who be serving with their palms shut
You either got your arms tucked or your arms up
Arms tucked if you relate, like son bodied this
Mirrored it like if I was who you was in the lobby with
Or your arms up cos you know that who you’re rockin’ with
Do it like nobody that you been used to followin’
Lo’ teddy bears the knitted type
Know I’m from Brooklyn so one a week is a given right
Anything less, then more or less you ain’t living right
At least that’s what they was tellin’ us when they was pitchin’ right
Doc Gooden with it you pitchin’ right
In a league where you still gotta go hit it right
And see what your ending like
I end it with a double entendre for the ages
SK and Ali ain’t shit basic at all, not at all

Verse 3 – Juxx Diamondz

I’m out of this world like Solar systems
Eyes on the prize and I’m keeping my tunnel vision
Was taught by the older heads so I learnt my knowledge and wisdom
I was born as a prince, I’m king of my own kingdom
Lead by example that’s the code that I follow
Each one teach one, yeah I live by the motto
Been ten toes down on any situation
My loyalty is one hundred tell me what’s your explanation
What you eat don’t make me shit not even diarrhea
The bars nasty like yo chick with the gonorrhea
For the bread sauce it up with extra cheese like pizzeria
Give you that good gracious oh my, yeah that Momma Mia
Top shelf premium best of the A one
Competition with myself and I already won
Hands down like an amputee Vet
Leader of the new shit Diamondz is the best, let’s go
released May 28, 2021
Produced by Ramson Badbonez
Lyrics written & performed by Recognize Ali, Skyzoo & Juxx Diamondz
Cuts by DJ Jazz T
Mixed & Mastered by Mark Fear