Lanray X & Teck-Zilla
– Step It Up (2022)

Afrique, Nigéria

Emerging rapper/songwriter LanrayX kicks off the 2nd half of 2022 with his new EP entitled ‘Step It Up’ which sees him collaborating with singers Lxnda and Maka. Bolstered by the varied genre production by producer/DJ Teck-Zilla, LanrayX takes listeners through his cycle of growth on this 4 track body of work. From broken relationships, past hedonistic ways, betrayal, and the cost of survival in the city of Lagos. The project starts with the bouncy afrobeat-infused cut titled “Omotola” where LanrayX embodies the spirit of a player running his game on a chick who caught his eye, he is joined by emerging singer Lxnda who delivers a soothing sultry chorus that pours adulation on the beautiful ladies out there. This is followed by “Fire”, a somber and reflective record that details LanrayX’s heartbreak after being cheated on by the love of his life. Over a piano-laden, afropop percussion-driven backdrop, we get to feel his pain which is also augmented by Lxnda’s emotional hook. The EP switches to soulful booombap in “You Get To Live Twice” where LanrayX muses on societal pain and the many mistakes one makes in this life. Afro-soul singer Maka joins him with her uniquely airy vocal performance underpinned by uplifting lyrics that helps quell the pain in the verses. The EP closes out with the hard-hitting “Menu For Murder”, which explores the craziness he experienced in Ikeja, a suburb in Lagos. Over the cinematic synth-heavy trap soundscape, LanrayX takes listeners deep into the mix of things, from being harassed by cops, and thugs to other random incidents. In a nutshell, the song serves as a forewarning for anyone who might be thinking that his hood is sweet.
Overall, the project aims to show different sides to LanrayX’s versatility as an artist who can bare his soul on wax without losing the plot.

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paru le 5 août 2022

Artist: LanrayX
Producer: Teck-Zilla
Features: Lxnda and Maka
Recording engineer: Teck-Zilla
Mix and Mastered by : Khaeci Mario and Teck-Zilla