King Goog and His Misfit Extravaganza by King Goog The God, Bizarre

released May 4, 2023

King Goog- Vocals, Writer, artist, Producer
Lang Vo- Producer, writer, vocals, artist (Mixed and
Mastered/Destroyed), Album cover
Rolando Haynes- Writer, artist
Matt Lukacs- Writer
Reed Stepp- Vocals
Queen Goog- Vocals, Writer, artist
Marilyn Carino-Vocals, writer, musician,awesome human being
Emcee Graffiti- Vocals
Scioto- Vocals
Jeremy Roberts- Vocals, production
Dizzo- Vocals
Skeletonmeat- Vocals, Co-production
Cult days/Pink Cat- Vocals
Scott Thorough- Vocals, Production Supervisor, Album Cover Concept
Mic Lanny- Vocals
Randon Bowerman- Vocals, writer, production
Alim Wade- Vocals, co-production
Brian Cox-Musician