Kinetic Fource by Kinetic Fource

Learic // Sed One // JL // Rico James

In the fall of 2020, JL (Boomslang) & Rico James connected and began making beats together. Due to the pandemic, they couldn’t meet in person to collaborate. As a result, they needed to take a different approach. Each producer would select a drum break and send it to the other one, who would build a beat around that break. The process forced each producer out of their comfort zone and served as a powerful creative catalyst. In a period of just two weeks, the duo crafted 30 beats. At that same time, Sed One (Boomslang) and Learic (The Aztext) had decided to combine forces to create an EP. They only needed a fresh stack of beats to get started. Sed One reached out to JL for beats, who informed him of the project with Rico. After a few rounds of feverish text messages, the idea to combine efforts and form a supergroup emerged. Kinetic Fource was born.

Mastered by Zach Crawford / SkySplitterInk at the Sky Lab.
All proceeds from Kinetic Fource sales will be used to fund JL’s final beat tape.
Kinetic Fource is dedicated to the memory of Johnny Morris / JL
releases April 7, 2023