by e-fluent

E-FLUENT is back with MINDFRAME M.V.E., for their 2nd collaborative project: KILLER JOE.

Based on the film by the same name, E-FLUENT wields his evil alter ego, ‘Joe’, in and out of the narrative, consistently throughout the project.

MINDFRAME M.V.E’s haunting production is the perfect canvas for FLUENT’s ‘Joe’ to spill the blood across.

“We made KILLER JOE in one session, actually.
Mindframe came upstate to Bing for a day, in the summer of 2020, and we got right to work.
He played me beats and when i found what i liked, i just started writing. He cooked some joints up right there in front of me as well.
He’s a machine with the shit, just like me!
I was going through the most difficult period in my life, and we were also making a record about that (GOD’S DAUGHTER).
I needed to get that one out there first for purposes of closure and clarity.
So KILLER JOE sat in the cut.
Waiting for the right time.
And since its a particularly dark, and disturbing entry into my discography, i figured Halloween was the perfect time.”
released October 30, 2021

all songs written and performed by E-FLUENT
all songs produced by MINDFRAME M.V.E.
all songs recorded and mixed at SLATER RECORDING STUDIOS