Killa Bee Killed
by Rubbabandz

Carrying on with the School of the Gifted solo releases, Childs dropped Red Heroine last year, Banz is up next with Killa Bee Killed. Every solo release will also be a trilogy.

Synopsis: Commodus takes over power and demotes Maximus, one of the preferred generals from Gladiators Posse. As a result, Maximus is relegated to fighting till death as a gladiator, in order to survive he aligns and enrolls himself in the School of the Gifted but his thirst for revenge sees him mostly at the Arena. The only desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to look into the eyes of the man who will feel his revenge. its kill or be killed.
released June 24, 2022

Production by
01. High Flown & Chris Wheeler. 02 & 05. Beatbusta 03. President TFN
04. Saint 07. Deeskee

Executively Produced by Rubbabandz