Kidnapper Van: Beats To Rock While Bike Stealin’ by Foreign Legion (2000) Foreign Legion’s debut classic hip hop album, featuring production by Dj Design and lyrics by Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch. For lovers of that boom bap, grimy, golden era, type hip hop. This is for the true “heads”. A hybrid of Gang Starr’s Moment of Truth and Pharcyde’s Bizarre Ride, FL’s album Kidnapper Van (Beats to Rock While Bike-Stealing) was an all-out manifesto. It transcended the stylistic doldrums that plagued the greater portion of hip-hop creators. And even more importantly, it possessed an ideological resolve that injected hope into a reeling genre. Kidnapper Van’s greatest quality, however, was its recognition of hip-hop’s self-accountability. In “Underground,” an open letter to underground and retro rappers, FL fondly recalls a moment in hip-hop history when MCs could “keep it real/[But also] keep it skilled still.” It contends that Old School cannot be reduced to self-conscious pandering to anti-pop sentiments or rhymes about basketball games and block parties. With the affirmation “we can get down but not too underground,” the gravely toned Marc Stretch and the more nasal sounding Prozack are eager to put themselves forward as a pair of hiphop zealots; more concerned with being dope than pop. Still, obeying the axiom “let the hybrid of your heart and soul become deeds of greatness”. The group used their “Kidnapper Van” to seize a handful of rap cliches to smack the crap out of them and then take them on a joy-ride. credits released January 1, 2000 Artwork – Jeff Jank Executive Producer – Obyvatel Mastered By – DC Producer – Dj Design Rap, Written-By – Marc Stretch, Prozack* Scratches,By – DJ Design