Karate Meal
by Nametag Alexander

Ugh, one-one, two ugh
one-one, two ugh
Illingsworth, whatup, ugh

Chopped it up about where I should try to cop stock my style popular as a pair of pro Foamposites I pre-fer black and copper
ones, obviously I’m the one, had a goal in mind and I got it done, always got’ somethin’ to vibe to, Ba-du to Mama’s Gun, destined to be
prominent since I was young, sole provider I
supply the funds for the fam so the grind is always constant non stop til I decide to bow out as done,I’m Common from the Like Water For Chocolate album run, where’s the proper investors I can borrow a dollar from, let’s
partner up on a plot to turn a profit from I’m buzzin’ like the start – of an alcohol problem I’m a-champion takin’ chances, roll the dice
Success or failure, what you fear more
In life? Rap’s equal to Space Jam 11s where
No bar is a reach, yet it’s still quite Jordan
Like, y’all hangin’ ‘round yes men who give
Poor advice, I be around the like minded, who
Know the idea of what it meant – to be outside
Grindin’, I learned from legends on the mic,
Cuz knowledge reign supreme on nearly each
Student of the science I’m, consistent like D-
Nice on IG Live at night spinnin’ jams, I’m
Big man on campus with cafeteria cards
With the dinner plans…listen man, it’s
Vibranium in verbal form I technically been
Advanced rather be in it to withstand than
A gimmick with a dance I’m classic as a Red
Schwinn with a bent kickstand, y’all on ya last leg a bunch of Lieutenant Dans I be rhymin’ like I’m surrounded by empty Spinach cans,
Who olive oyl for me, bar archery I’m Oliver Queen back sounding pristine providing a sound of relief…deliver well poundin’ the
concrete breakin’ ground, get the richter
scale, been tryna rid myself of everything toxic as a chemtrail til I feel my life movie is solid you
get a film trailer, got my lapel tailored, I’m the waiter who properly suited dinner gettin’ served when I cater music, made it through it,
them other ones be aiight but I’m Nike I’m the way to do it

yea…Lead And Be Legendary
Ugh…I say, awwwe man!
released January 10, 2022
A. Robinson (Songwriter-Recording Artist)
D. Fort (Producer)
D. Travis (Mixing Engineer)