Justice for Angelo Quinto! Justice for All! [CLEAN] by Various Artists

Justice for Angelo Quinto! Justice for All!

Beatrock Music joins the community members, leaders, and organizations who care deeply for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and we are grieving and outraged about the murder of Angelo Quinto by Antioch police. On December 23, 2020, Angelo, a 30-year-old Filipino American veteran and Antioch resident, needed support during a mental health crisis. His family called 911. When Antioch police arrived, police grabbed him from his mother’s embrace and Angelo pleaded for his life, literally telling the officers, “Please don’t kill me.” They continued to handcuff him and KNEELED ON HIS NECK FOR OVER FIVE MINUTES until he lost consciousness and his mouth and face were covered in his own blood. They brought him to the hospital and within three days, Angelo passed away.

What happened to Angelo Quinto was a grave injustice and far from an isolated event. At least 25% of fatal encounters with law enforcement involve a person with mental illnesses. Mental health crises require a mental health emergency response. Angelo Quinto should have been provided the professional help from the appropriate city agency to manage his crisis. Instead, the Quinto family lost their loved one at the hands of Antioch City police officers. This incident has far… more
released June 11, 2021

“Homicide” produced by Otayo Dubb
“People” produced by OJ The Producer
“For Bella & Robert, Diana, Cassandra” produced by DJ Nphared
“Noise” produced by 6Fingers
“Light” & “Blue Dream” produced by Fatgums

Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by Fatgums at Beatrock Music Studio, Inglewood, CA

Cover Art by Bambu