Jump (Maxi Single) by Approach

1. Adonis Jordan:

This is the morning stretch. This song is meant to get the blood flowing and warm up those bones for show time. I don’t do a ton of look how good I can rap songs but, this is definitely that. Not stylin’ just spilling a little skill over the bounce. The second layer to this song is that it’s a hyper/energy beat that Cairo (my son) loves. If he is playing while I am working on something and asks, “what’s that song called”, I know I got one. Once the vocals were laid I HOLLARD at DJ G Train and he provided the missing flavor. Meal complete, please enjoy.

Fun Fact: Adonis Jordan is a legendary Kansas Jayhawk PG that lead them to the 1991 & 1993 NCAA Final Four. I was a big fan of his style of play. He was also in the movie “Blue Chips”.

2. Jump:

This is the style of tune that is most commonly associated with me. Upbeat, funky, energetic and groovy. I always wanted to find way to incorporate the House of Pain/Kris Kross “Jump” chant into one of my joints and there was no time like the present. I also wanted to make a track that would have fit on my 2003 release “Ultra Proteus”. My thought was if I revisited that album now what could I bring. Here we have it. Cairo approved, meal… more
releases May 26, 2023

Written, Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By: Approach/Aikido Bray @Prosidio Garden in Lawrence, Ks
Design & Layout: DesignedByMilk
Cover Photo Taken By: Approach