by Certain Sound Records

Certain Sound Records and DJ Jazz T announce the second in a series of DJ mixtapes from the World-Famous Steel Devils Turntablist Crew.

When he is not touring the world with Jehst or High Focus Records artists or running his own legendary label Boot Records. You will find Jazz T laying down cuts or mastering some of the UK’s finest hip hop releases. So, it was an honour that he wanted to drop a brand-new mixtape for us. Spurred on by his counterparts in the Steel Devil’s crew, Jazz put together this outstanding collection of rarely or never heard beats and collaborations and distilled it into 60 mins of mixtape glory.
releases April 29, 2022

Side A:
1. Jazz T Intro
2. Tomorrow People
3. Weldon hi-score
4. Axel Foley is Tchaikovsky
5. Steve Davis vs Tom Browne Feat. Deeflux
6. Mark B feat. MCM & Lewis Parker – A Certain Special Skill remix
7. King Kashmere – Man in a Suitcase (Exclusive unreleased)
8. Nobody Beats the Beats
9. Jazz T feat Ramson Badbonez – Legends of the Decks (Original cut)
10. Oh No RIP Doom
11. Mr Barnes
12. Micall Parknsun feat. Jehst – Movements (Jazz T Remix)
13. You’re Ugly Beat Juggle
14. Fuck 45s?
15. The Cantina
16. Talking loud and Saying Fuck all
17. Tim Dog – Bronx N*!?a (DJ Shame remix)
18. Tim Dog – Run Run Run B!*?H

Side B:
1. Pianos From Hell
2. The Greatest DJ
3. First man in the Moon
4. Peaceful Planet
5. The Earth Rotates
6. Block party feat. Kool Herc
7. Put Your Hands Together Fool
8. Y Chromosome feat. Micall Parknsun
9. Pure Innocence
10. Resident Van Man
11. Break one
12. Bak to Skool feat Joker Starr
13. Now that’s Fusion
14. Piercings
15. Mink Corporation
16. Ralphy Sleeze
17. Mel Jones
18. Planted
19. Fresh Mess
20. The Birth of Dumile
21. Finest Herb
22. Are you Gonna take the Weight?
23. Floating Galleons
24. Memories