Jag Arreola — ‘Staring at this Cuerno’ (Prod. Sonidos Salinas)

Intoxication is prohibited in all of its forms
This mask that’s worn is a part of my uniform
I work my core
Jog around the court where the Olmec ball
No to alcohol
Jaguar is on the premises
I’m known to all
There’s an underworld underneath us
Wrestled Gargoyles in run down arenas
Iron Man Match you know that I won it
Turtle Island I’m from it
When my mask is on
Something more than a human is summoned
So remember who you are
Remember what you represent
I don’t ever pause I was raised by two Mexicans
I know that I’m a wanted man
The fall of Babylon is all I ever wanted man
‘Illegal Alien’ weaponry 5 plus centuries
Bogotá to Medellín my familys built on legacy
Alcohol forbidden
Burpee repetitions I’m a storm of speculation
My face is hidden
I’m the man behind the mask
this is not a gimmick
This the voice of those who couldn’t tell their story
If it doesn’t keep me Sober, then it’s not for me
Don’t offer me endorsements
I don’t speak to law enforcement
Tied a rag around my neck, I’m a Socialist rebel
See the world through a blue eyed lens, that’s the vision of a devil
In the area where they ask Guadalupe for protection
Days before elections the Lenca were arrested
Y’all sippin’ on the Henny disconnected from your heritage
Commitment to sobriety that’s where this merit is
P’urhepecha copper — warrior love
I don’t want you on my roster
until you sober up
And sobriety ain’t a band aid, it does stop the bleeding
The pyramids are hand made, didn’t stop believing
It was us we built those, the hours put behind it
I was searching for a purpose
I knew that’d I’d find it
Gave it so much, is it even worth it?
Shots from the Cuerno hit you harder than that Perc did
Chief Tecumseh the ‘Blazing Comet’
Sobriety was sacred to the Shawnee Prophet
Inside dream lodge with Khalid Muhammad
confined behind bars
Carved the whole Qur’an scribed it on the wall
Said ‘never give your back to the blue eyed Shaiṭān’
And Muslims on the yard may Allah protect y’all
Jaguar’s entourage is full of Gárgolas
Go ahead Google us
But we underground like the termites eating the wood
We’re like Black Panther Party homie feeding the hood
On everything I love a f*ckin’ rodent is the worst foreal
A rat informant got the chairman killed
Immortal in Spirit Comrade Fred Hampton
A lucha mask is what I’m masked in
Gunners on my team & their eyes are slanted
Look up to the cielo it’s a Chinese dragon
Sky realm levels here’s what I imagine
Death is just birth into another planet
Jesus Malverde the ‘Generous Bandit’
Angel of the poor in Sinaloa’s folklore
Hoyas made of barro sittin’ on the stove
909 that’s the area code
It’s love and admiration at every show
We’ll see where this goes
The trauma that you hold, liquor wont numb it If it’s terror overseas the U.S funds it
If y’all ain’t against the U.S we don’t speak the same dialect
Unit Commander, I’m the sober pilot
We got the intel to pull America’s veil
For holding us captive in this American
Ni olvido ni perdón
With this Cuerno that I hold
That’s my word Cabron