Izzy King – “Loyal Lies”

Izzy king is an unique artist that is dropping music, writing books, and designing clothes from a prison cell. Izzy is serving a 30 year sentence for a murder that he didn’t pull a trigger behind. He wants the world to see him for where he is in life today versus judge him for the past along with the mistakes he has made. during his time of incarceration Izzy was featured on the A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight TV show on Season 6 Episode 3. His story will impact your life in a productive way because he pushes the ideal of not making excuses to push for success. Izzy king is working to start his own magazine called “Platinum Genz Magazine” and he wants to create a avenue for upcoming tal my to get validation for the work they put into what ever makes them talented.

Izzy has had a hard road along the way of trying to stay grounded and on the right path. throughout every distraction he ignores the path he walks becomes hard everyday that passes knowing he has to serve half of his life behind bars for a murder that he didn’t pull a trigger behind. One of his greatest achievements is the book he already has published called, “Enough is Enough”. The inspiring Izzy King wants the world to know that, “No matter how many people tell you no never allow anyone to set the standard for what your dream should be.”

He also wants people to support his music and all of his works because living In a prison environment anything can happen and anyone can lose their life at any moment. “Don’t support me when I’m gone, fake love is never respected or acknowledged”. Izzy King is working on a new album at the moment he projects to release within the next two months. Izzy wouldn’t be able to have the quality of music he has without the help of his engineer, Markem Otr. Izzy and Markem have a number of songs together. they both plan to release more music together as a given. Izzy also released two pairs of designer shoes that he designed himself which are manufactured in Italy.

Izzy King has a story that the industry and the world should listen to or atleast get a chance to know. “I will be satisfied with my life knowing that my life was an example for changing somebodies life.