Infinito 2017 – editPost YOUInfluened (prod by Dion Brown)

These writings on the album Analog B-boy Boombap Definitions is a study of how Infinito 2017’s time is spent inside a land of enslavement against my will. This time is spent creating tangible relative thoughts minus the world’s digital footprints. Imagine using your own mind to create your ideas minus oppressive influence. Being mindful to never mimic copy or clone what others think. Envisioning yourself alone with your thinking’s from your own experiences. No fake fraudulent dressed up cartoon characters, only the correct African information being passed down through generations. And those who steal ideas from others are deleted from existence. No biting is allowed! Please don’t have tendencies to do things against your will, use your mind and draw from your personal experiences! You must end evil and the acceptance of fake scenarios about others who don’t know who we are and many refuse to study or understand to comprehend. Who we are as Africans, who unwillingly reside inside in a land of enslavement and concentration camps must remain aware. We create minus the struggles, minus the oppression. We create because we love ourselves and we love to document our ancestry regardless of everything that that’s forced upon us. All that you are and all that we shall be staying mindful of our peace with Universal greetings. Production by Dion Brown, Dj Afar and Dj BKill.