In The Mean Time
by Def-i & Ariano

They. Are. Back.

Not even a worldwide pandemic can keep New Mexico’s preeminent emcee Def-i and SoCal legend Ariano from staying on their grind and creating some of their best work to date with the forthcoming release of their new album, In the Meantime. A testament to their talents not only as solo artists but also to the unmistakable chemistry and magic that unfolds when they create as a duo, the first single off the new album, “Silly Love” showcases how they’ve elevated their craft once again.

“Silly Love” is a catchy, light-hearted joint that pulls you in and belies the toxic love buried in the lyrics. Produced, mixed and mastered by Ariano, with Austin’s Tanner Hoyt on guitar, the beat makes you nod your head and provides the perfect backdrop for Def-i to do what he does best. Using his smooth rasp to serve up verses laden with clever riddles and double meanings in an effortless flow, he is a true master of his craft who makes this shit look easy. Ariano delivers the sing-along hook with a honeyed baritone and silky smoothness.

“Silly Love” is as much a visual journey as a lyrical one. Filmed in Austin, Texas, the immensely talented Maurice Johnson out of New Mexico channeled his vision into a video with playful vintage vibes, clean lines and a mood all its own.

This latest single and video is just a taste of what is to come from Def-i and Ariano as they leave you hungry for more and prepare to drop In the Meantime.

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Fresh off their banging first single and video, “Silly Love” from their forthcoming album In the Mean Time, Def-i and Ariano switch emotional gears on their follow up single “Changes.” Striking a grittier and more sombre tone than its predecessor, “Changes” isn’t a sad song, it’s more of an acknowledgment of growth through the pain and loss of the past pandemic-driven years. A true master of his craft, Def-i’s verses vascillate between rapid fire spitting and slow, controlled rhymes, with an effortless manipulation of his cadence and delivery. Ariano’s production is moody and sobering, his hook projecting strength and determination.

The video for “Changes” shot once again in Austin,Texas by New Mexico director Maurice Johnson, is as much a visual departure from the previous video as the track is auditorily. Dark, moody and sobering, the video is perfect visual reflection of the track. As Def-i and Ariano get ready to release their new album In the Mean Time, “Changes” is a pure representation of the diversity of the project from the duo hailing from New Mexico in Los Angeles.

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releases April 29, 2022

All Lyrics written & performed by Christopher A. Mike-Bidtah (Def-i) & Ariano Price (Ariano/Popular Nobody)
All beats produced by Ariano
Recorded by Def-i & Ariano
Mixed & Mastered by Ariano