IMAGINARIUM Too by L*Roneous The long awaited follow up to the debut classic. This is not part two… This is evolution… IMAGINARIUM, as a concept, was a personal journey from one side of myself to the other via my version of hip hop music. The things I spoke on were personal. iToo isn’t quite as personal as it is parable. Inspired by that energy, this is… IMAGINARIUM Too. Enjoy! credits releases November 25, 2022 Produced by: Keys, Dj Zole, Gennessee, Domino Dent, Tahaj the 1st, BlesInfinite, Lateef Dameer, Aksim, Dj Kritikul Featuring: Fugitive Moods & BlesInfinite All Songs Written by L*Roneous Recorded by Gennessee + L*Roneous + BlesInfintie Mixed by BlesInfinite, L*Roneous + Don Lo Mastered by Don Lo Graphic Design by L*Roneous Executive Produced by Tyrell LaRon ©2022 LR1 Entertainment. IMAGINARIUM Forever!!!