Illa 3rd by The Nocturnes (2019)

Maddox Wonder, EmprahSoul & Pule The Witch_Dr deliver this timeless, golden era collection of soulful, nostalgic jams, straight out the BlaqSoul Academy crates.

Punchy lyricism and soothing hooks meet flawlessly sampled production from the original crate digging maestro; Plug Wire.

The Nocturnes (also known as NMC – Nocturnal Mutiny Clan) gather to narrate original storylines from many years of spiritual, artistic and musical growth, delivering one of many classic contributions to the game, through this jazzy musical masterpiece.
released May 1, 2019

songs written & performed by : The Nocturnes
executive producer : Plug Wire – Page Music Group
additional prod. by : Dj Zakes | Menu | EmprahSoul
featured artists : L Eezy

recorded at : Storyville Records | Corner 3 6
mix & mastering : Plug Wire | Dj Aya | Menu

Page Music Group (c) all rights reserved

cover art : Maddox Wonder