i used to feel things
by miles cooke

miles cooke is a brooklyn-based rapper, producer, and something of a storied newcomer. discovered in the comment section of some clickbait article, sharing hangover remedies via personal diatribes and heavy metaphors, cooke is now carving out a space for himself in the NYC rap scene. for miles, it’s all slick nuance, graveled voice, smooth delivery, and nutty loops.

i used to feel things, miles’ debut album, is a product of long nights and late mornings, a raw and unfiltered exercise in introspection that’s part self-destruction and part survival in a world that challenges the existence of the self. another foggy morning in a field of wildflowers, a euphoric juxtaposition, i used to feel things has miles cooke serving up cold truths over warm instrumentals.

Twitter/IG: @milescooked
releases October 14, 2022

produced and written by miles cooke
mixed and mastered by steel tipped dove
artwork by tom betthauser